2024 Tesla Model X Car – Pricing, Full Specs & Release Date

Since its debut in 2016, the price of the Tesla Model X has been steadily increasing. The Tesla Model X occupies a small niche in the automotive landscape and market, managing to achieve an EPA range of approximately 348 miles.


Model 2024 Model X Car
Release Date 2024
Price $79,990

Harmony updates include top reduction and the inclusion of a swivel function technology for the central touchscreen. The most notable changes revealed for the 2023 Model X are the return of the traditional steering wheel, at least as an option. The 2024 Model X has many advantages and disadvantages compared to other electric luxury SUVs, including the BMW iX Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV, and the Rician R1S.

How much is the Tesla Model X 2024?

The RRP price of Tesla Model X ranges from $79,990 to $1,1080 if you want to buy the car with cash then the price starts from $79,9990. Below is the Tesla model price table in different countries.



Tesla Model X Car Price In USA $ 89,990
Tesla Model X Car Price In UK £ 98,480
Tesla Model X Car Price In Canada CA$ 109,990
Tesla Model X Car Price In Germany DEU 93,575
Tesla Model X Car Price In Australia AU$ 148,390
Tesla Model X Car Price In Dubai AED 379,750
Tesla Model X Car Price In Italy Euro 132,041

Tesla 2024 Model X Car: Performance

Model X performance continues to be the Tesla brand calling card. Perhaps the midsize Model X can live up to that reputation. The standard model x can make 670 hp and 1020 hp also puts on a more brutal display of plaid. By doing this you must always give your customers fair warning separately before setting foot.

2024 Tesla Model X Car – Pricing, Full Specs & Release Date
2024 Tesla Model X Car – Pricing, Full Specs & Release Date

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Balancing the image of Tesla Model X is the excellent brake system surrounded by new technology that makes the four-wheel drive very easy to use in traffic and very powerful and confident when you need to stop quickly. The state-of-the-art provides regenerative braking when the accelerator is lifted, helping you drive without touching the brake pedal. Tesla let’s do you going like this big family to SUV. It’s possible feature is that the adaptive air suspension can provide up to 8.9 inches of ground clearance if you need it.

Interior design 2024 Tesla Model X

The 2024 Tesla Model X redefines automotive luxury with its meticulously crafted interior, seamlessly blending opulence and innovation. Upholstered in premium materials, the cabin exudes sophistication, offering a tactile experience that reflects Tesla’s commitment to quality. The ergonomic design of the seats ensures unparalleled comfort, supported by a versatile configuration that adapts to various passenger needs. A standout feature is the expansive panoramic windshield, providing an unobstructed view and bathing the interior in natural light. Complementing this is the all-glass roof, contributing to an open and spacious ambiance.

2024 Model X Car: Fuel Economy

The 2024 Model X achieves an EPA-estimated range of 384 mi and can use 33 kW per 100 mi. It may be less efficient than the average luxury, but as the Model X sells, it’s one of those that boasts a lot more horsepower.

2024 Tesla Model X Car – Pricing, Full Specs & Release Date
2024 Tesla Model X Car – Pricing, Full Specs & Release Date

2024 Tesla Model X Car: Specifications

Resale value is a crucial consideration for potential buyers. We analyze the factors that influence the resale value of the 2024 Model X, providing insights into its long-term value.

Made In

Body Type SUV
Engine AC permanent magnet synchronous motor
Horsepower 670hp
Drive Type All-Wheel Drive
Dimensions Wheel Base 6.7 inches, Length 198.3 inches, Width 78.7 inches & Height 66 inches.
Seat Capacity 5 Seats
No. of Doors 4 Doors.

Examining the resale trends of previous Tesla models gives buyers a glimpse into the potential value retention of the 2024 Model X. We delve into historical data to project its resale trajectory.

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Infotainment & Connectivity

The 2024 Tesla Model X sets a benchmark in infotainment and connectivity, showcasing a cutting-edge technological marvel within its cabin. Dominating the center stage is an intuitive touchscreen interface, seamlessly controlling navigation, entertainment, and vehicle settings.

2024 Tesla Model X Car – Pricing, Full Specs & Release Date
2024 Tesla Model X Car – Pricing, Full Specs & Release Date
2024 Tesla Model X Car – Pricing, Full Specs & Release Date
2024 Tesla Model X Car – Pricing, Full Specs & Release Date

This command hub ensures effortless control at the driver’s fingertips. The Model X prioritizes connectivity, seamlessly integrating with smartphones and offering real-time updates for an informed and entertaining journey. With advanced AI-powered features and responsive voice command functionality, Tesla takes the driving experience to a new level, where connectivity and innovation converge for a truly futuristic and enjoyable ride.


In conclusion, the 2024 Tesla Model X epitomizes the pinnacle of electric luxury SUVs, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology, sustainable design, and opulent comfort. A visionary marvel, it redefines the driving experience for the discerning, embodying Tesla’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

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