2026 Cadillac Vistiq: Full Review, Pricing & Release Date

The 2026 Cadillac Vistiq is a three-row electric SUV slotted between the midsize Lyric and full-size Escalade IQ in the company’s lineup. Cadillac hasn’t released any official details about the Vistiq yet, but we do know it will run on General Motors’ Ulti Medium electronic vehicle architecture and will likely be offered in singles and configurations.

2026 Cadillac Vistiq Design

Thanks to two sharp images, we don’t have to guess what the Vistiqwill look like, not that it’s hard to imagine the uniformity of Cadillac’s EV design language. At first glance, considering the similar light profile front and rear, its simple greenhouse box and similar styling (this time or the short Lyric, for that matter) and the harmony, it’s really quite difficult to distinguish the new Vistiq from the modified Escalade IQ.

The Vistiq fascia gets a less noticeable backlit design motif than the blacked-out Escalade IQ nose, with more body-color accents added to the grille area. The brand’s new monotonous crest is available on the front, as it will be on every new Cadillac model. The rear end is treated to the same segment taillight structure found in the Escalade IQ, and exhausts both in the middle and above the tailgate, with more dramatic light flares extending towards where these exhaust pipes would otherwise be. Pictured is riding Michelet Pilot Sport all-season tires wrapped around Vistiq 22-inch wheels.

New Cadillac Vistiq Exterior and Colors

Clearly a relative of the Lyric, the Cadillac Vistula Niska features the same sharp, upscale Nasar language. It features strong front and rear wheel and light wheels and Lyric’s Black Gloom. Flash fitting door handles contribute to the clean high-tech aesthetic.

Roofline is the main difference between Lyric and Vistiq. Since the Proton only has to accommodate two rows of seats, it has a more initially sloping roofline where practicality should be improved.

2026 Cadillac Vistiq: Full Review, Pricing & Release Date
2026 Cadillac Vistiq: Full Review, Pricing & Release Date

The Vistiq pictured here sports 22-inch Michelin Pilot Sport all-season rubber wrapped, but other wheel sizes should be available. We don’t know what color the Vistiq Cadillac will be offered in, but Lyric suggests that colors include Celera Black and Opulent Blue.

Cadillac Vistiq Powertrain and Performance

We have no idea what powertrain options will be available with the Cadillac Distich, but the tailgate badging may provide a clue. The model pictured here is designated “600 e4,” an unusual alphanumeric code we’ve also seen on the Escalade IQ (1000 e4). This badge supposedly converts the car’s torque from pound-feet to newton meters, then rounds to the nearest 100. It’s an absurd system if we’ve ever heard one, but using the 600 e4 as a starting point suggests this Vistiq model will have around 440 pound-feet of torque. That lines up nicely with the 450 pound-feet of the most powerful Lyric, which also has 500 horsepower.

With dual electric motors and all-wheel drive, such a high-powered Vistiq will be able to dash to 60 mph in under five seconds. It is unknown if a rear-wheel-drive variant with 340 hp will be available, as is the case with the Lyric

A smooth, quiet ride is expected, but the heavy Vistiq probably won’t like too much handling through turns. Expect hands-free highway driving to be a breeze with Super Cruise.

2026 Cadillac VISTIQ Release Date

No word from Cadillac on how soon we’ll see the 2026 Vistiq, though we expect it to arrive in the fall of 2025 as a 2026 model, with more information on the official release date to be announced next year. So stay with us till then.

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2026 Cadillac VISTIQ Engine & Specs

We’re not sure what platform the new Vistiq will run on, since, as it slots in with the lyriq and Escalade IQ, we think it’ll have the same battery technology, not anything new. As a three-wheeler, we expect this app to have at least two electric motors and come with all-wheel drive, but nothing is guaranteed. As a larger SUV we’d expect it to seat eight passengers, but it’ll be sleeker and smaller than the Escalade. We think Vistiq will represent the product’s capabilities to others and at least see how much space we don’t expect. Specifications are announced next year.

2026 Cadillac Vistiq: Full Review, Pricing & Release Date
2026 Cadillac Vistiq: Full Review, Pricing & Release Date

We can also expect it to be the big electric snake we hope someone will represent along with other three-row vehicles like the Hyundai Kona Electric, Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV SSI, Tesla Model Y and Rivian R1S.

2026 Cadillac VISTIQ Safety

We’re not sure if the Vistiq will explain the power leak in the current line-up of Cadillac EVs, but we expect to see it arrive with all the latest safety tech, including auto emergency braking with pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, rear parking assist. Including blind zone steering assist, and heated wipers, adaptive cruise control, advanced packing assist, and HD surround vision.


In conclusion, the 2026 Cadillac Vistiq represents a pinnacle of automotive innovation, blending cutting-edge technology with luxurious comfort seamlessly. With its sleek design, advanced features, and eco-friendly electric powertrain, the Vistiq sets a new standard for luxury electric vehicles. It promises not just a mode of transportation, but an experience that captivates both drivers and onlookers alike, marking a bold step forward in Cadillac’s legacy of excellence.

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