2026 Afeela EV Sedan: Pricing, Full Review & Release Date

We all know that Sony is a stalwart when it comes to batteries, electronic gadgets, audio, televisions, and more. At the Afeela EV Sedan event, Sony surprised the world by showcasing an electric sedan concept called the Vision S. Sony assured that it was only experimental and had no intention of launching.

As a concept car, the vision came as a surprise. With extremely limited expertise in car manufacturing, Sony couldn’t build an EV of its own. But Sony pulled a Bajanga card when it partnered with Honda and has now unveiled a new EV brand called Afeela. The Afeela prototype is also an electric sedan similar to the vision’s concept.

Sony Honda joint venture

the car has many screw-up features, including PlayStation integration and a digital display that spans the interior of the car. Yes, the station house is still rare worldwide and ready to be assembled.

One of the main businesses in entertainment, Sony is said to be implementing something similar to the importance of subscription services. Hi-light can be based on a subscription model like the chick cars that come with autopilot hardware but are then turned on via software.

It’s really a mixed bag when it comes to design. The lower half is extremely straight and low and the roof line also forms a downward shape in a way. A lot of inspiration is taken from sitting and cars. The car with an LED light bar is clear throughout the design.

Sony is said to have had a hand in the design and development process as well unlike Apple and Google cars where the respective companies are said to only make software. Apart from a few cars with Sony, Honda has prepared itself for an EV future. We saw the launch of an NSX hybrid supercar and the Honda e electronic Becker.

The prologue will be Honda’s first long-range electric vehicle developed in partnership with General Motors. Honda will have an ebo under the Acura brand, and both will be under the general motors’ platform.

Range, charging, and battery life

in fact, a 91.0-kwh battery pack is sandwiched under its entire board. But we are still not sure about the range estimate of the car. It can charge up to 150kw fast charger.

2026 Afeela EV Sedan: Pricing, Full Review & Release Date
2026 Afeela EV Sedan: Pricing, Full Review & Release Date

Ev motor, power, and performance

Avila says the sedan will be all-wheel drive and powered by two electric motors, one for each, both producing horsepower. A combined horsepower rating hasn’t been released but an electric move that has the potential to make more horsepower has our attention. The company said the sedan will ride on an air spring suspension system and a staggered tire setup with wider rubber at the rear.

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Speech and pricing

not much is known about the Afeela electric sedan toto type battery with a KWS capacity of around 500 km range from a single charge and an electric fluid expected high-tech sensors camera lidar sensors and radar modules placed in key locations that future ginger autonomous driving and enables full autonomous driving.

The car is built at Honda’s twelve component facilities in North America, with bookings starting in 2025 and launching in 2026. JDM and Europe may then launch Afeela-branded EVs in a possible Sony-Honda joint venture.

The components of the Afeela sedan EV are under testing in the limited edition model and will go ahead with luxury electric sedans like the Mercedes-Benz EQS, Porsche Tycoon, Tesla Model s, and Lucid Air. The top-spec models are expected to be priced north of $100,000 (roughly rs. 82 lakh).

Interior, comfort, and cargo

a peek inside the Afela EV sedan reveals a U-shaped water styling that appears to resemble Tesla’s model Feni through several futuristic elements. The cabin shines with ambient lighting and we can see a center armrest in front to access the car’s fully designed dashboard. The general layout is simple and clear and the payment is believed to be ample for a set but we won’t know more until the car is closer to the on-sale date.

2026 Afeela EV Sedan: Pricing, Full Review & Release Date
2026 Afeela EV Sedan: Pricing, Full Review & Release Date

Infotainment and connectivity

the dash is composed entirely of Padma’s extending from room to room. From afar the interface reminds us of the Saturn effect you’d see in a station area on home paste. The brand’s emphasis on software networks and user experience we expect will deliver seamless integration. Sony also has a lot of experience with audio and we’re excited to see what Afeela products have to offer when it comes to quality sound systems.

Safety and driver-assistance features

Afeela EV Sedan based on the Afeela easy tow type, the component is expected to carry over both level and three diver assistance technology to the vehicle, according to the brand’s initial statement. (level three allows drivers to take their hands off the wheel and perform other tasks, such as using a smartphone, in the situation.) key safety features may include:

  • Stand activated emergency braking
  • Standard lane-departure warning and assist
  • Standard adaptive cruise control

The Afeela EV sedan will represent the first phase of an all-new brand. The automaker will begin taking orders in 2025 with North American deliveries arriving in spring 2026. Thanks for staying with our website.

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