2028 Lamborghini Lanzador: First Look, Price, Release Date & Full Specs

The Lamborghini Lanzador, a combination of striking innovation and radical design, was leaked on social media by Actu Auto on the Instagram account today, just ahead of its official launch. With anticipation reaching a fever pitch, this first electric vehicle from Sant’Agata Bologness makes waves as a 2+2 sports utility crossover with GT-inspired looks.

Translated from Spanish for pitcher or thrower, it is a statement of willingness to take bold steps into the future. Borrowing design cues from the new Lamborghini like Y-shaped headlights and flared wheel arches heralds an exciting phase for the brand.

Lanzador stands out for its unconventional aesthetic choices. And the pattern of monsoons is differentiating it from Urs. It’s going electric in 2029, filling the space between the company’s famous Auro and utility Urus

Futuristic Design

While the Lamborghini Fighter Z-themed interior keeps the interior traditional, the M Man Justin Court features a futuristic layer. Y-themed styling, backlit motifs and a console divide the front of the bridge into two separate cockpits. The driver’s seating position is higher than a conventional sports car, and the design features an attractive dashboard layout, a flat-button steering wheel and spindly pedals.

2028 Lamborghini Lanzador
2028 Lamborghini Lanzador

Controls for the infotainment and drive switches are housed in a wild-looking gate protruding from the center stack that looks quite futuristic. Even front passengers and possibly rear passengers will have access to the oil display, extending the tech-savvy feel throughout the cabin.


Information regarding the powertrain configuration of the 2028 Lamborghini Lanzador is scarce. And featuring giant electric motors that generate a combined one megawatt of power—ready to deliver fluid figures equivalent to about 1,340 horsepower. Although the exact time remains undisclosed by the Italian manufacturer it is expected to complete the 0-62 mph sprint in less than 3.0 seconds. You can expect the final version to hit a top speed of roughly 186mph. Furthermore, the Lanzador’s Grand Turismo tag suggests it’s more than just a machine designed for speed.

For handling the car has an advanced chassis system with a steer ball area axle and air suspension that can adapt to the road position or maintain selected driving preferences controlled by the placement and buttons.

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With the US release of the new Lamborghini Lanzador Ultra-GT still 5 years away, it takes time to determine the exact price. However, given that the Lanzador EV will be positioned between the Huracan successor and the Urus, the 2028 Lamborghini Lanzador could beat the $300k mark even before adding options and destination fees.

2028 Lamborghini Lanzador
2028 Lamborghini Lanzador

2028 Lamborghini Lanzador Powertrain

The 2028 Lamborghini Lanzador will feature two electric motors, one at the front and one at the rear axle, with a combined system output of over 1,341 horsepower. The Lamborghini Lanzador aims to improve the driving capabilities and world-class handling characteristics of its existing vehicles by using more sensors and gauges than the Lamborghini Dynamic Vike Beckel and Introger vehicle dynamics control systems to ensure the ultimate driving experience. A fair suspension, real steering and systems like cruise control will also be standard.

More Control

The specifications of the various hardware and software components of the car are rough and tumble at the moment but there are a few things to note. Lamborghini will expand its sensor suite for its Lamborghini Dinamica veicolo integrata(LDVI) driving dynamics control system, which promises to give customers greater customization of the car’s relationship to the road, improving the vehicle’s response to the driver. The new sensor is placed behind the front glass panel of the car.

2028 Lamborghini Lanzador
2028 Lamborghini Lanzador
2028 Lamborghini Lanzador
2028 Lamborghini Lanzador

Smart Academic Hardware will provide a system launcher with optimized conditions for either enhanced downforce wind resistance reduction or maximum range; The complex ear cooling system is hidden in the front and movable C in the back. A reactive suspension system will offer driver adjustment from wheel control.

Coming In 2028

Having only flirted with the real world in 2015 with the Asterion hybrid concept, Lamborghini is now confident that the Lanzador concept will go into production in 2028, according to the release. For us, the fourth current product this time is the perfect link between the joint logical extension Olds and our supercars, Phone Long Man.

It will be manufactured by the company Sant’Agata Bolognese, which will expand to produce Lenzatta in the next few years. We’ll just have to wait until closer to this date for final specs as EV technology will rapidly transition to capacity over the next four years.

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